Empowering policy makers to define smart services

Eind dit jaar vindt in Mexico City de 6e editie plaats van het International SOA, Cloud and Service Technology Symposium. Dit congres is een beetje mijn ‘kindje’, ik heb het ooit samen met Thomas Erl opgezet en ben aan aantal keren Chairman geweest. Dit jaar ga ik er weer naar toe, en geef een presentatie over het ontwerpen van slimme diensten.

“The key to an effective government: empowering policy makers to define smart services”

“Governments all around the world are criticized for producing too much regulation. Still, there is an obvious need for regulation: to guarantee basic civil rights, to protect vulnerable groups, to create a level playing field for businesses, and so on. Governments themselves are recently joining the digital age and offer their services through the internet. But very often they’re just offering the digitized version of the-old- fashioned paper-form, as the underlying regulation did not change. So, as SOA has become mainstream, the crucial question is: how can we create smarter services? Services that enable different means of communication between government and businesses? Services that stimulate business innovation? Services offering open data and open rules to businesses? And how can governments de-regulate in order to stimulate business? The answer lies in smarter regulation. Which means we have to empower the policy makers!

In this presentation we will present a platform that is currently being developed in the Netherlands. The platform integrates Apps from multiple vendors, each App supporting a certain task for policy makers. There are Apps to import and improve law and regulation, there are Apps to define smart services, there are Apps to play scenario’s to analyse the effects of the new regulation, and there are Apps to export the specifications and business rules to IT-departments. The platform is being developed in public-private co-operation and is supported by a scientific approach for analysing law and regulation. The goals is to empower policy makers to design smarter government services.”

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